Project Description

Removable Flat Pack Rack

  • Robust construction made with aluminum extrusion profile and sheet steel (base and lower ceiling). The rest of the rack is made of cold-rolled steel of various thicknesses.
  • The structure is designed to support up to 1200kg of load.
  • Rail nuts in base and lower roof for frame movable. To get the right measurement, the base has a metric label.
  • 8 adjustable leveling feet on the bottom of the rack.
  • Perforated door in front with handle and double lock with bolts.
  • Double perforated door at the back with handle and double lock with bolts.
  • The perforation of all doors has a porosity of 82.5%.
  • The doors are easily removable by means of a pull-pin release hinge.
armario de intemperie - integración
  • The total weight of the rack ranges from 45 kg (600x600x19U) to 130kg (800x1200x47U).
  • Removable side panels both front and side.
  • Multifunction brackets that can be moved in depth (25mm pitch). Various dimensions according to depth range.
  • Pre-cut roof for installation of possible optional accessories.
  • DIN bolts for the entire assembly.
  • Multiple combinations of accessories.
  • Cable entry through the bottom and top of the rack.
  • Finish in powder paint 60-80 microns thick. Color Ral 7035 or Ral 9011.
  • Set packed in a flat pack with assembly instructions and assembly (packaging size depends on the size of the rack)