Project Description


Manufactured of extruded aluminum profiles, except for the fastening pieces that are made of stainless steel. The structure is capable of supporting heavy equipment.
Great flexibility in dimensions, the size can be between 300x225x350 up to 4000x2500x2000 (WxDxH).
The construction of the SS-200 cabinets, made using assembled aluminum profiles forming a double wall, makes it possible to establish an upward flow by convection of the air through the inner face of the panel, favoring this flow both passive and forced ventilation.
The double wall has a positive effect by minimizing the impact of the thermal rise caused by solar radiation.
All removable parts incorporate a neoprene gasket in order to make the unit as airtight as possible (degree of protection up to IP66)
The roof is double, allowing air to flow between the two plates and acts as an air duct to improve heat dissipation.
The lower roof includes four eyebolts of M10 that allow the transport of the cabinet once equipped.

armario de intemperie - integración

For cooling and / or heating purposes, the cabinet can be equipped with ventilation units, air-to-air heat exchangers, air conditioning units or Peltier cells.
The cabinet can be configured with one or more front doors, rear panel (or door) and side panels (or doors).
The SS200 cabinets have been subjected to various tests in certified laboratories, including:

  • EMC tests
  • Wind Tunnel (up to 210 km / h)
  • Vibration test (similar to earthquake-proof)
  • Corrosion test
  • Test temperatures