Project Description


  • Optical Splitters tray, made of 1.5 and 2mm thick aluminum. Epoxy paint with medium thickness 60-80m.
  • Tray is rackable in ETSI rack.
  • The dimensions of the tray are 240mm deep by 50mm high with a front projection to support the 32mm fibers.
  • Fiber outlet hole on the right side, close to the turning area of the inner tray to facilitate spinning of the fiber bundle. Dimension of the exit hole of the 8,5cm2 deck.
  • Tray capable of mounting 10 optical splitters with LC_PC fiber optic patch cords, stacked in 2 rows.
  • Front panel of LC_PC facing units with capacity of 20 units.
  • Ladder distribution of the front faces to facilitate the travel of both the fiber that comes from the inside of the tray and the fiber that comes out.
  • Bridges and grooves for the flutter of the fibers from the faces.
  • Cylindrical nylon blocks to help the fibers travel through the inside of the tray.
  • The tray is completely retracted inside the body.
  • Both the body and the folding tray have holes to facilitate the passage of cooling air, avoiding complete obstructions once the tray is mounted in the rack.
  • Rapid pressure shut-off, for fixing of the folding tray on the body of this.
  • Easy handling and distribution of fibers due to the construction and position of the elements that make it up.