Project Description

Radiolink Cabinet

  • This is an outdoor cabinet designed to house equipment that consumes DC power, such as IP radio relays used in the deployment of new generations of equipment in the mobile access network.
  • The dimensions are the following: 700x500x550mm (WxDxH) with a weight of 75kg (equipment and supports included)
  • Degree of protection against penetration of water and solid objects, IP55. Degree of protection against mechanical impacts, IK10.
  • 19 “rack inside the cabinet and 7U high.
  • The air conditioning system consists of axial fans fed at 48V DC, air inlet filters and adjustable thermostat to set the fan operating temperature.
  • AC power supply system consisting of a terminal block to connect the 230 Vac / 50Hz single phase circuit breaker and a 16 Ampere Bipolar circuit breaker, Curve C, 6kA to power DC power equipment.
  • DC power supply system for power equipment with the following characteristics:
  • 1U high.
  • The distribution is equipped with 2 switches of 16A, 2 of 10A and 2 of 6A.
  • 2x50A Battery Switches.
  • System Controller.
  • Batteries are installed on the floor of the cabinet, 4 AGM 10Ah batteries to avoid micro cuts. With the possibility of installing a branch of lithium batteries of 10Ah of 19 “.
  • The input and output cables are made by 6 M20 cable glands placed in the lower part of the cabinet.
  • Ground plate for the connection of the equipment installed inside it, metallic elements of the cab and for the general earth connection cable coming from the corresponding socket.
  • Thermostat for ventilation control.
  • Installation template.
  • Material necessary for the installation of the cabinet, either wall or pole.
  • Eyebolts for lifting the cabinet.