Project Description


Outdoor cabinet with flexible configuration:

  • The dimensions of the cabinet are: 1500x600x1600mm (W x D x H) and weighing approximately 205 kg.
  • Internal structure made of extruded aluminum profiles. Side panels, double-walled front and rear doors with extruded aluminum profile.
  • Front and rear maintenance doors include a locking system that allows opening the door 120º.
  • The doors, panels, ceiling and base are painted with special thermosetting paint for very aggressive environments RAL 7035.
  • All fasteners (screws, nuts, etc.) are made of stainless steel.
  • Degree of protection against penetration of water and solid objects, IP55. Degree of protection against mechanical impacts, IK10.
  • All removable parts incorporate a watertight neoprene gasket. Possibility of replacing panels and doors without internal switchgear dismantling.
  • Doors with ergonomic handle with three anchor points, safety lock cylinder with key.
  • The roof is double, allowing air to flow between the two plates and acts as an air duct to improve heat dissipation. The roof includes four eyebolts of M10 that allow the transport of the cabinet once equipped.
  • 3mm aluminum floor in the lower part with cable passage and steel supports for large loads on the side of the transformer.
  • Central division that separates the two compartments. In each of the compartments is a perforated mounting plate with a system similar to the telequick.
  • Grounding of all panels, doors and lower roof.
  • The SSD-200 cabs have been subjected to different tests in laboratories:
    • Electromagnetic compatibility tests.
    • Wind tunnel (up to 210 km / h)
    • Vibration test (similar to earthquake test)
    • Corrosion test.
    • Temperature test.
  • Cooling system consisting of a hopper with 6 fans (transformer compartment) and a hopper with 2 fans (frame compartment). The PAST fans, fed to 220V AC, of 235 m3 / h of free flow and sound level of 46 dB.
  • The fans are controlled by two analogue thermostats located at the top of the cabinet.