Project Description


Rack de interior fabricado en acero laminado en frío. Múltiples configuraciones.

  • Robust basic structure made of cold rolled steel.
  • Design with the possibility to adapt to different needs.
  • 800x1200x47U Rack cabinet dimensions (width x depth x height).
  • Double door handle and closing perforated in front and back with a porosity of 82%
  • Removable side panels for easy access.
  • 19 “profiles front and rear movable in depth.
  • Reinforced floor to support up to 1000 kgs. kit weight.
  • Slotted gutters on both sides of the rack for cable passage.
  • Multifunction brackets on the sides of the rack.
  • Pre-cut ceiling for possible installation of optional accessories recess.
  • Distribution box with cover art.
  • 4 leveling feet.
  • Ground wires on all doors and panels + strip of land in the right rear strut.
  • Cable entry from the top and bottom of the rack part.
  • Finish: painted with epoxy powder, 60-80 microns thick. RAL 7035.