Project Description


  • The CF-PC cabin (small capacity) is a outdoor cabinet with IP55 degree of protection, made of double-walled extruded aluminum profiles and painted with RAL 7035 anti-dust polyester exterior paint.
  • It has two separate enclosures:
  • Room for radio and Tx equipment placement consisting of a 19 “4U pivoting rack (upright).
  • Enclosure for AC-DC power and batteries, with a total height of 10 U.
  • Front door with 120 ° opening with retention system and perimetral rubber seal to achieve a correct seal. The handle is supplied with a 8 mm crazy triangle cylinder and has padlock housing.
  • The exterior dimensions of the cabin are: 800x1165x500 (WxHxD) and has a total weight (including equipment) of 165 kg.
  • The cab is supplied ready for wall installation through two profiles made of 4 mm thick steel. In addition, fitting hardware is provided for installation, either on floor or pole.
  • Pivoting frame manufactured with extruded aluminum profile with a total of 4U free space that allows to house one or two 19 “equipment in vertical position.
  • AC panel located at the top of the power enclosure, just below the power unit. All the elements of the frame are mounted on DIN rail 35 and protected with a removable cover to avoid possible accidental contacts.
  • String of 4 AGM 9 Ah batteries each to avoid micro-cuts, located in the lower part of the cabin.
  • General distribution terminal block of DC and auxiliary elements.
armario de intemperie - integraciónarmario de intemperie - integración
  • Equipped with 3U high rectifier and up to 3 power modules. Depending on the end customer, this rectifier can be Delta Version or Emerson Version.
  • Delta version: 2 modules equipped with 2900W each. Capacity up to 15 circuit breakers, configurable according to customer.
  • Emerson version: 2 modules equipped with 2000W each. Capacity up to 13 configurable circuit breakers according to customer.
  • The temperatures set in a digital thermostat (25 ° and 39 ° C) determine whether the system operates in a free-cooling mode (fans) by extracting the heat generated by the equipment or, for higher temperatures (+ 39 ° C) Peltier cell, preventing the temperature increase.
  • The entire refrigeration system has a daily programmer that offers the possibility that during night time only the ventilation system works to reduce the noise level.
  • Luminaire, located on the left side of the cab, powered by DC 48V.
  • Double contact limit switch for luminaire ignition and open door alarm.