Project Description


Outdoor cabinet mixed (aluminum and sandwich panel) with flexible configuration for areas with extreme temperatures.

Robust structure made of extruded aluminum profile.
Panels and door of sandwich panel of 30mm, formed by pre-lacquered shaped sheet and central core of injected polyurethane.
All panels and doors connected with ground wires. Earth strip installed in the lower left of the cabinet.
Removable filters on panels for cleaning and replacement.

The cabinet rests on a socket of three HEB 100 beams, which act as a support for the battery structures that are housed inside.
Possibility of installing air conditioning in the front door.
Ceiling lamp 48V in main compartment, operated by micro-switch of door opening.
Cable entry using Roxtec or similar installed on the side panel of the cabinet.
Electrical panel equipped according to necessity.
Battery structure with trays and with high capacity prepared to support up to 450kg of load each