Who are we?

Solventia Solutions is a Spanish company founded in 2012, specializing in the design and manufacture of hardware for housing electronics and telecommunications equipment, free cooling and intelligent ventilation systems, with activity also in the field of air conditioning and integral maintenance of equipment and facilities and a clear orientation towards the customer.

Our Team

Formed by a team with over 20 years of experience that combines dedication and market knowledge, both nationally and internationally, with a spirit of customer service and a positive attitude.

Our main objective is the design, manufacture and supply of hardware solutions for the market of telecommunications infrastructure and electronic, with the level of integration required by customers, and Free-cooling and intelligent ventilation systems. All this with an excellent value for money.

International presence

Our presence and activity, through our local partners in different countries, gives us an overview of the market and its needs, and helps us to propose integral solutions in the fields of activity in which we operate.

The scope of Solventia Solutions in providing equipment and services is global, through our partners / local partners, we have presence and activity in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Netherlands, Belgium , France, United Kingdom and Portugal.






Research and development

The strategy of the company is based on a high efficiency of our resources and a process of innovation and permanent improvement and is based on providing high- quality equipment and services at competitive price.

The design capability and manufacturing technology that characterizes us allows us to develop customized products and services that are highly competitive, environmentally friendly and focused on energy efficiency.

The operating principles of Solventia are governed by honesty, seriousness and transparency to our customers and partners, strict compliance with the laws and are based on values such as:

  • Flexibility and adaptability to the needs of our customers
  • Respect and sharing of objectives with our collaborators
  • Commitment to environmental protection
  • Creating shared value